Crazy Shoes

These two would be my favorite!!


Unyu Moment ' CAM'

True friendship isn't based on what you can give and get.
It's based on what you can give and get

( Marini Sarigih )

Well, I gave the title "Unyu Moment 'because there are several things that make me laugh and smile ..
yeah, my friend who makes me happy, they are nanung, dita, anggi, nilan, I'm grateful for their.
At least there are things that make me smile, cause I was very tired of half-dead these last few days ...but i know God understands if sometimes i fell tired !!

okay, here are some things in class my madness...
Extraordinary !!

Look this,

Hoamm! I was so sleepy today, I really need more time to rest at home.
zZzZ. Goodnight Blog.* Yawn

' JEN'